Monday, October 8, 2007

Smart girls are Hot.

So I figure since I'm not a blogger at Simmons it doesn't mean I should stop blogging now.

Anyways, has anyone ever been attracted to intelligent females? I for one love when I can get into an intellectual conversation with someone of any sex, but it's so damn sexy with a girl. Yes I love girls who know calculus or can quote Emerson. How about smart celebrities?
The Celebrity Top Blog has a list of the hottest smart girls in Hollywood, and I just have to agree with them.

A Harvard Graduate.

A Yale graduate. (and on of my favorite lesbians on the L Word)

Kate Beckinsale in anything is just about enough to make my jaw drop. But Beckinsale in Oxford with degree in Literature. Have my babies.

Others mentioned were Elizabeth Shue and Natalie Portman. Elizabeth went to Wellesley (the school I was regrettably rejected from) and Natalie of course went to Harvard. ( Where she smoked weed everyday.)


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